12 Modern UI Components to Inspire Your Future Designs 😍✨

12 Modern UI Components to Inspire Your Future Designs 😍✨


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Component-based architecture is now used in the vast majority of sites, resulting in faster development, greater control, and lower maintenance costs.

In this article, I have compiled some of the sleekest and most modern-looking UI components you can use to inspire your future projects.

Each component will include a direct link, an interactive preview, and the author profile, so you can explore more of their work.

1. Responsive cards

By: David Foliti

2. Product Slider

By: Muhammed Erdem

3. Expanding Flex cards

By: Zed Dash

4. Info Cards

By: Nathan Taylor

5. Motion Blur with SVG filters

By: Damián Muti

6. Interactive SVG Info Graph

By: Chris Gannon

7. Animated Unsubscribe Page

By: agathaco

8. Shopping UI

By: morooka

9. Music Player

By: Rafaela Lucas

10. Progress Bar

By: S G

11. React Color Gradients

By: Marco Biedermann

12. Ghost Card

By: Yugam

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