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14 GitHub Repositories to Ace Your JavaScript Interviews šŸŽÆ šŸš€

14 GitHub Repositories to Ace Your JavaScript Interviews šŸŽÆ šŸš€

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Ā·Jan 18, 2022Ā·

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Finding a developer job in the current tech market can be a challenge, especially for beginners. Not knowing what to study and which resources to use while preparing for the interviews can lead to further confusion and desperation.

To help you in your job-seeking phase, I have handpicked some of the most useful GitHub repositories to prepare for interviews. These resources are JavaScript-oriented, but many of the programming concepts can be transferred to other languages as well.

The article is structured in sections, covering everything you would need to prepare, learn data structures and algorithms, practice example questions, check your answers as well as study some framework and library questions specific to the JavaScript environment.

General knowledge

1. how-web-works

ā­ GitHub stars: 4k+

What happens behind the scenes when we type in a browser?

2. developer-roadmap

ā­ GitHub stars: 184k+

Roadmap to becoming a developer in 2022.

Preparation handbooks

3. tech-interview-handbook

ā­ GitHub stars: 63k+

One of the best repositories out there to help you prepare for your next interview.

4. front-end-interview-handbook

ā­ GitHub stars: 32k+

Front End interview preparation materials for busy engineers.

Data structures and algorithms

5. algorithms.js

ā­ GitHub stars: 3k+

Atwood's Law applied to CS101 - Classic algorithms and data structures implemented in JavaScript.

6. javascript-datastructures-algorithms

ā­ GitHub stars: 3k+

A collection of JavaScript and TypeScript data structures and algorithms for education purposes. Source code bundle of JavaScript algorithms and data structures book.

7. dsa.js-data-structures-algorithms-javascript

ā­ GitHub stars: 6k+

Data Structures and Algorithms explained and implemented in JavaScript + eBook.

8. data-structure-and-algorithms-with-ES6

ā­ GitHub stars: 650+

Data Structures and Algorithms using ES6.

Interview questions

9. awesome-javascript-interviews

ā­ GitHub stars: 1k+

A collection of super-popular Interview questions, along with explanations and implementation examples.

10. javascript-interview-questions

ā­ GitHub stars: 7k+

List of 1000 JavaScript Interview Questions.

11. 30-seconds-of-interviews

ā­ GitHub stars: 9k+

A curated collection of common interview questions to help you prepare for your next interview.

Frameworks un libraries

12. react-interview-questions

ā­ GitHub stars: 18k+

List of top 500 React Interview Questions & Answers.

13. vuejs-interview-questions

ā­ GitHub stars: 1k+

List of 300 Vue Interview Questions And Answers.

14. nodejs-interview-questions

ā­ GitHub stars: 1k+

Frequently Asked Node.js Interview Questions.

Hopefully, these resources will help you to prepare for your interviews and you will land a job. If you have any tips from your personal learning experience, feel free to contribute them, since all the repositories are open source.

Writing has always been my passion and it gives me pleasure to help and inspire people. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

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