18 Awesome GitHub Repositories to Bookmark in 2024 🚀🏆

18 Awesome GitHub Repositories to Bookmark in 2024 🚀🏆


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To kickstart 2024 on a productive note, I've curated a list of 18 GitHub repositories that might be useful to enhance your development journey.

This collection spans a variety of categories, from tools, extensions, cheat sheets, and guides to learning resources, prompt engineering, and other cool stuff.

Whether you're a developer, designer, or tech enthusiast, this collection aims to boost your inspiration and productivity throughout the year.

Each repository is divided into subcategories for easier navigation. I've also included direct links and descriptions to get the impression right away.

1. esProc SPL (Sponsored)

esProc SPL is a next-generation data processing language, that integrates with SQL databases and supports advanced analytics, and parallel processing.

With esProc SPL, you can effortlessly transform and analyze massive datasets, uncover hidden patterns and trends, and derive actionable insights from your data. Some of the top features include:

💪 Powerful Data Processing: esProc SPL is a scripting language with a rich library of functions and powerful syntax.

✨ Stored Procedure Equivalent: It allows the execution of SPL scripts through JDBC interfaces.

📈 Versatile Visualization: It offers a mature reporting tool with extensive visualization configurations for creating various types of reports.

⚡ Automated Workflows: it enables the automation of software workflows, including CI/CD processes for code building, testing, and deployment.

🔥 More flexibility compared to SQL: Unlike SQL syntax, esProc SPL allows data processing code to be written in multiple statements.

⭐ Support their GitHub repo: https://github.com/SPLWare/esProc

💻 Tools and Extensions

2. awesome-git

⭐ GitHub stars: 2k+

A curated list of delightful Git commands, extensions, and resources to enhance your Git workflow.

3. awesome-vscode

⭐ GitHub stars: 23.6k+

A curated list of extensions, themes, and resources for Visual Studio Code to boost productivity and enhance the development experience.

4. awesome-linux-software

⭐ GitHub stars: 20.3k+

A list of awesome, tested, and reliable open-source software for Linux users, covering a wide range of categories.

🚀 Cheat sheets and guides

5. awesome-cheatsheets

⭐ GitHub stars: 35.7k+

A collection of useful cheat sheets for various programming languages, frameworks, and tools, providing quick references for developers.

6. awesome-checklists

⭐ GitHub stars: 2.6k+

A compilation of checklists for software development, ensuring you cover essential tasks and considerations during the development process.

7. awesome-guidelines

⭐ GitHub stars: 9.2k+

A collection of guidelines, best practices, and resources to help developers create better software and follow industry standards.

🤖 Prompt engineering

8. awesome-chatgpt-prompts

⭐ GitHub stars: 96.3k+

A curated list of prompts for ChatGPT, designed to inspire creative and engaging conversations with OpenAI's language model.

9. awesome-prompt-engineering

⭐ GitHub stars: 2.6k+

A collection of resources, tools, and examples related to prompt engineering, aiding the generation of diverse and context-aware prompts for processing models.

📚 Learning resources

10. awesome-podcasts

⭐ GitHub stars: 11.8k+

A compilation of podcasts covering a wide range of topics, including technology, science, culture, and more, offering valuable insights and knowledge.

11. awesome-newsletters

⭐ GitHub stars: 3.6k+

A curated list of newsletters across various domains, providing a valuable resource for staying updated on the latest trends, news, and insights.

12. awesome-talks

⭐ GitHub stars: 5.9k+

A collection of conference and tech talk videos covering diverse topics, offering a rich source of educational content and insights from industry experts.

🏆 Productivity boosters

13. awesome-emails

⭐ GitHub stars: 2.2k+

A compilation of resources and examples for creating effective and impactful email campaigns, and enhancing email marketing strategies.

14. awesome-productivity

⭐ GitHub stars: 2.2k+

A curated list of productivity tools, apps, and resources to help individuals and teams boost their efficiency and accomplish more.

15. awesome-quantified-self

⭐ GitHub stars: 2.1k+

A collection of tools and resources for self-tracking and quantified self enthusiasts, facilitating personal data analysis and improvement.

✨ Other cool stuff

16. swag-for-dev

⭐ GitHub stars: 4.2k+

A repository of swag, stickers, and goodies offered by various tech companies, making it a fun opportunity for developers and tech enthusiasts.

17. awesome-raspberry-pi

⭐ GitHub stars: 12.2k+

A curated list of Raspberry Pi projects, tools, and resources for enthusiasts to explore and make the most out of their Raspberry Pi devices.

18. awesome-github-profile-readme

⭐ GitHub stars: 20.7k+

A collection of creative and engaging GitHub profile README templates and ideas to help users showcase their skills and personality on their GitHub profiles.

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