18 GitHub Repositories to Become a CSS Master 🎨🧙‍♂️

18 GitHub Repositories to Become a CSS Master 🎨🧙‍♂️

Apr 26, 2022·

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A while ago I wrote an article about the repositories you need to master JavaScript. It got some great feedback, so I decided to make a sequel about CSS as well.

I have further sorted all the resources into categories from learning the basics to style guides, best practices, useful tricks, and tricks as well as additional resources you can study to broaden your CSS knowledge even more.

Learning Resources

1. Awesome-css-learning

⭐ GitHub stars: 1k+

A list of the best CSS learning resources.

2. CSS-reference

⭐ GitHub stars: 4k+

CSS Reference: a free visual guide to the most popular CSS properties.

Available as cssreference.io.

3. Magic-of-css

⭐ GitHub stars: 5k+

A CSS course to turn you into a magician.

Style Guides and Best Practices

4. CSS-architecture

⭐ GitHub stars: 2k+

8 simple rules for a robust, scalable CSS architecture.

5. Bevacqua-css

⭐ GitHub stars: 800+

CSS: The Good Parts.

6. CSS-style-guide

⭐ GitHub stars: 700+

Dropbox’s CSS authoring style guide.

7. Airbnb-css

⭐ GitHub stars: 6k+

A mostly reasonable approach to CSS and Sass.

Flexbox and Grid

8. Flex-cheatsheet

⭐ GitHub stars: 900+

Flexbox cheat sheet with visual examples.

9. Flexbox30

⭐ GitHub stars: 1k+

Learn Flexbox in 30 days with 30 code tidbits.

10. Awesome-css-grid

⭐ GitHub stars: 200+

A curated list of CSS Grid Resources.

11. Gridgarden

⭐ GitHub stars: 2k+

An interactive game for learning CSS grid layout.

Useful Tips and Tricks

12. You-need-to-know-css

⭐ GitHub stars: 4k+

CSS tricks for web developers

13. CSS-protips

⭐ GitHub stars: 21k+

A collection of tips to help take your CSS skills pro

14. 30-seconds-of-css

⭐ GitHub stars: 15k+

Short CSS code snippets for all your development needs.

15. You-dont-need-javascript

⭐ GitHub stars: 17k+

CSS is powerful, you can do a lot of things without JS.

Additional Resources

16. Awesome-css-frameworks

⭐ GitHub stars: 4k+

List of awesome CSS frameworks in 2022.

17. Must-watch-css

⭐ GitHub stars: 4k+

A useful list of must-watch talks about CSS.

18. Scalable-css-reading-list

⭐ GitHub stars: 1k+

Collected dispatches from The Quest for Scalable CSS.

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