19 GitHub Repositories Every Developer Should Bookmark 📚👍

19 GitHub Repositories Every Developer Should Bookmark 📚👍


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In today's dynamic world of software development, staying up-to-date with the latest tools, libraries, and frameworks is crucial for developers.

GitHub offers a treasure trove of valuable repositories that can significantly enhance your development skills and expertise.

I've compiled a list of 19 GitHub repositories that every developer should be aware of, providing a rich source for learning, practicing, and inspiration.

Each repository is divided into subcategories for easier navigation. I've also included direct links and descriptions to get the impression right away.

1. esProc SPL (Sponsored)

esProc SPL is a next-generation data processing language, that integrates with SQL databases and supports advanced analytics, and parallel processing.

With esProc SPL, you can effortlessly transform and analyze massive datasets, uncover hidden patterns and trends, and derive actionable insights from your data. Some of the top features include:

⚡ Top Performance: Experience fast processing speeds with esProc SPL's optimized algorithms and efficient memory management.

🚀 Rich Function Library: Access a comprehensive collection of pre-built functions, catering to a wide range of data manipulation tasks.

✨ Intuitive Syntax: Enjoy a clear and concise syntax that fosters code readability and maintainability.

👨‍💻 Java Integration: Seamlessly integrate esProc SPL scripts into Java programs via JDBC, bridging the gap between data analysis and application development.

🧙‍♀️ Independent Execution: Execute esProc SPL scripts independently, expanding your data processing capabilities beyond traditional limitations.

⭐ Support their GitHub repo: https://github.com/SPLWare/esProc

🌱 Learning to Code

2. awesome-roadmaps

⭐ GitHub stars 3k+

A collection of roadmaps for various programming languages, frameworks, and tools.

3. awesome-courses

⭐ GitHub stars 50k+

A curated list of online courses for learning programming, web development, and other tech skills.

4. free-certifications

⭐ GitHub stars 12k+

A comprehensive list of certifications and training courses for various tech topics.

5. awesome-algorithms

⭐ GitHub stars 15k+

A collection of resources for learning and practicing algorithms and data structures.

6. awesome-interview-questions

⭐ GitHub stars 59k+

A compilation of common interview questions for software development roles.

🧑‍💻 Building Projects

7. awesome-for-beginners

⭐ GitHub stars 58k+

A list of project ideas and resources for beginner programmers.

8. app-ideas

⭐ GitHub stars 69k+

A vast collection of app ideas for various programming platforms and skill levels.

9. learn-by-playing

⭐ GitHub stars 115+

A collection of games and interactive projects to enhance coding skills.

10. project-based-learning

⭐ GitHub stars 123k+

A list of project-based learning resources for various tech fields.

11. build-your-own-x

⭐ GitHub stars 229k+

A collection of guides on how to build your own programming languages, tools, and frameworks.

🚀 Tools and Resources

12. free-for-dev

⭐ GitHub stars 76k+

A curated list of free tools and resources for developers.

13. awesome-selfhosted

⭐ GitHub stars 157k+

A collection of self-hosted software applications for various purposes.

14. awesome-design-tools

⭐ GitHub stars 30k+

A comprehensive list of design tools for various design purposes.

15. awesome-stock-resources

⭐ GitHub stars 11k+

A collection of free and paid stock photos, icons, and other design assets.

💯 Patterns and Best Practices

16. awesome-sre

⭐ GitHub stars 10k+

A collection of resources for learning and implementing Site Reliability Engineering practices.

17. awesome-design-patterns

⭐ GitHub stars 33k+

A catalog of software design patterns and their applications.

18. beautiful-docs

⭐ GitHub stars 8k+

A collection of resources and best practices for creating beautiful and effective documentation.

19. awesome-scalability

⭐ GitHub stars 49k+

A curated list of resources on scalability, performance, and optimization for software systems.

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