19 Useful GitHub Repositories to Become a Better Developer 🔥🚀

19 Useful GitHub Repositories to Become a Better Developer 🔥🚀


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In the ever-evolving landscape of software development, finding the right resources can be a daunting and time-consuming task.

I've decided to help by curating a compilation of some of my favorite GitHub repositories, that will help you to improve your workflow and skills.

This list includes valuable GitHub repositories for topics like learning, project ideas, career opportunities, data collections, database tools, and security.

I've included direct links, descriptions, and visuals so that you can get an initial impression of each extension right away.

1. esProc SPL (Sponsored)

⭐ GitHub stars: 4K+

esProc SPL is a next-generation data processing language, that integrates with SQL databases and supports advanced analytics, and parallel processing.

With esProc SPL, you can effortlessly transform and analyze massive datasets, uncover hidden patterns and trends, and derive actionable insights from your data. Some of the top features include:

⚡ Top Performance: Experience fast processing speeds with esProc SPL's optimized algorithms and efficient memory management.

🚀 Rich Function Library: Access a comprehensive collection of pre-built functions, catering to a wide range of data manipulation tasks.

✨ Intuitive Syntax: Enjoy a clear and concise syntax that fosters code readability and maintainability.

👨‍💻 Java Integration: Seamlessly integrate esProc SPL scripts into Java programs via JDBC, bridging the gap between data analysis and application development.

🧙‍♀️ Independent Execution: Execute esProc SPL scripts independently, expanding your data processing capabilities beyond traditional limitations.

⭐ Support their GitHub repo: https://github.com/SPLWare/esProc

🌱 Learning

2. A-to-Z Resources for Students

⭐ GitHub stars: 16K+

This repository is a comprehensive collection of resources beneficial for students, covering a wide range of topics.

It includes study materials, programming resources, and tools that can aid in academic and personal development.

3. Learning Resources for Developers

⭐ GitHub stars: 5K+

This repository gathers an extensive list of learning resources for developers.

From tutorials and courses to resources and tools, it serves as a valuable one-stop-shop for enhancing programming skills.

4. Every Programmer Should Know

⭐ GitHub stars: 75K+

A compilation of essential knowledge that every programmer should be aware of.

Covering a variety of topics, it provides insights into algorithms, data structures, system design, and other fundamental concepts.

📀 Data

5. Public Datasets Collection

⭐ GitHub stars: 57K+

This repository curates a vast collection of public datasets from various domains.

It's a valuable resource for data scientists and developers looking for high-quality datasets to analyze and derive insights from.

6. JSON Datasets Collection

⭐ GitHub stars: 3K+

This repository provides a curated list of datasets in JSON.

It's a handy reference for developers working with JSON data in their projects.

7. Useful Database Tools

⭐ GitHub stars: 3K+

This repository compiles a list of tools and utilities for working with databases.

From database design to management and optimization tools, it's a go-to resource for developers dealing with database-related tasks.

💡 Ideas

8. Everything for Indie Hackers

⭐ GitHub stars: 8K+

Focused on independent developers and creators, this repository gathers resources, tools, and advice for individuals pursuing indie projects.

It's a supportive community-driven collection for those looking to thrive independently.

9. Machine Learning Project Ideas

⭐ GitHub stars: 7K+

A repository filled with project ideas for Machine Learning developers.

It's a great source of inspiration for developers seeking new and interesting projects to work on.

10. Awesome Stacks for Apps

⭐ GitHub stars: 3K+

This repository showcases various technology stacks you can use.

It's a valuable resource for developers exploring different tech stacks and architectures for their projects.

11. Frontend Dev Bookmarks

⭐ GitHub stars: 40K+

A curated collection of bookmarks for frontend developers, covering a wide range of topics from appearance and UI to compatibility and design workflow.

It's a handy reference for staying updated on best practices and tools in the front-end development landscape.

💼 Career

12. CV Templates

⭐ GitHub stars: 21K+

Some useful templates for creating impressive curriculum vitae (CVs).

It's a valuable tool for job seekers, helping them craft visually appealing resumes.

13. Resume Best Practices

⭐ GitHub stars: 6K+

This repository compiles various practical examples to use in resumes.

It serves as a comprehensive guide for individuals aiming to enhance their resume presentation, improving their chances of getting a job.

14. Remote Work Resources

⭐ GitHub stars: 27K+

Focused on remote job opportunities, this repository provides a curated list of companies and job boards offering remote work.

It's a go-to resource for those seeking remote employment options.

🔐 Security

15. Everything Security

⭐ GitHub stars: 11K+

A collection of awesome software, libraries, documents, books, resources, and cool stuff about security.

16. Web Security Practices

⭐ GitHub stars: 10K+

Focused specifically on web security, this repository gathers resources and tools to help developers secure their web applications.

It covers best practices, tools, and frameworks for web security.

17. Privacy Focused Services

⭐ GitHub stars: 11K+

A curated list of resources and tools to enhance online privacy.

It covers topics such as privacy-focused software, encryption tools, and practices to protect personal information online.

18. Privacy Tools Collection

⭐ GitHub stars: 5K+

A repository that curates privacy-related software and services.

This collection includes tools, guides, and best practices to maintain digital privacy in various online activities.

19. Personal Security Checklist

⭐ GitHub stars: 13K+

A valuable checklist and resources to improve personal online security.

It's a practical guide for individuals looking to protect their digital privacy.

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