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19 Valuable GitHub Repositories for Beginner Developers šŸ“šāœØ

19 Valuable GitHub Repositories for Beginner Developers šŸ“šāœØ

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Ā·Mar 1, 2022Ā·

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I have often been asked what resources would I recommend for beginners looking to step their foot into the web development career. I often refer to GitHub as a great place to start.

I decided to compile some of the best repositories I know. I wish I knew them when I started myself, so treat them as a valuable shortcut to speed up your learning path.

This article is obviously oriented on beginners, though I'm sure some of the more experienced developers might learn a thing or two from these, too.

To help you to navigate I have arranged them via categories, starting from basics to courses, handbooks, best practices, projects, interviews, and resources.

Fundamentals āš”

1. how-web-works

ā­ GitHub stars 4k+

What happens behind the scenes when we type in a browser?

2. developer-roadmap

ā­ GitHub stars 187k+

This is probably the best and most complete roadmap, that will help you to grasp the bigger picture of the development landscape, its main technologies, and the recommended sequence of learning things.

Courses šŸ‘Øā€šŸ«

3. web-dev-for-beginners

ā­ GitHub stars 41k+

Quality 12-week, 24-lesson course about JavaScript, CSS, and HTML basics. Each lesson includes pre-and post-lesson quizzes, written instructions to complete the lesson, a solution, an assignment, and more.

4. javascript-30

ā­ GitHub stars 18k+

Starter Files + Completed solutions for the JavaScript 30 Day Challenge by Wes Bos.

Handbooks šŸ“š

5. developer-handbook

ā­ GitHub stars 1k+

An opinionated guide on how to become a professional Web/Mobile App Developer.

6. spellbook-of-modern-webdev

ā­ GitHub stars 14k+

A Big Picture, Thesaurus, and Taxonomy of Modern JavaScript Web Development.

Best Practices šŸ’Æ

7. web-fundamentals

ā­ GitHub stars 12k+

Some of the best practices for modern web development, provided by Google developers.

8. airbnb

ā­ GitHub stars 120k+

One of the best Style Guides out there.

9. clean-code-javascript

ā­ GitHub stars 64k+

Software engineering principles, from Robert C. Martin's book "Clean Code", adapted for JavaScript. A guide to producing readable, reusable, and refactorable software in JavaScript.

10. system-design-primer

ā­ GitHub stars 164k+

Learn how to design large-scale systems. Prep for the system design interview. Includes Anki flashcards.

Projects šŸ“‚

11. simpl

ā­ GitHub stars 4k+

Simplest possible examples of HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

12. realworld

ā­ GitHub stars 64k+

Realworld allows you to choose any frontend (React, Vue, & more) and any backend (Node, Django, & more) and see how they power real-world, beautifully designed full-stack apps.

13. build-your-own-x

ā­ GitHub stars 133k+

Build your own (insert technology here).

Interviews šŸ’¼

14. coding-interview-university

ā­ GitHub stars 211k+

A complete computer science study plan to become a software engineer.

15. front-end-interview-handbook

ā­ GitHub stars 32k+

Front End interview preparation materials for busy engineers.

16. tech-interview-handbook

ā­ GitHub stars 66k+

Curated interview preparation materials for busy engineers. For a better reading experience, check out

Also, check out Grind 75 - a tool to generate coding interview study plans based on preparation time left.

Resources šŸ’¾

17. design-resources-for-developers

ā­ GitHub stars 36k+

A curated list of design and UI resources from stock photos, web templates, CSS frameworks, UI libraries, tools, and much more.

18. free-programming-books

ā­ GitHub stars 223k+

Freely available programming books.

19. front-end-collection

ā­ GitHub stars 1k+

Notes for Front-end Software Engineers. Covers common data structure and algorithms, basic web concepts, HTML & CSS & Javascript.

Writing has always been my passion and it gives me pleasure to help and inspire people. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

If these resources helped, connect me on Twitter, LinkedIn and GitHub!

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