6 Useful Checklists Every Developer Should Know šŸ“ƒšŸ’Æ

6 Useful Checklists Every Developer Should Know šŸ“ƒšŸ’Æ


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The product lifecycle often holds us accountable for so many things. Even if you think you are aware of everything, it is always a great practice to double-check, just to be sure.

In this article, I have compiled some of the most useful checklists. These include everything from design and performance to product launch, marketing strategies, and internet security.

I will provide the direct link and the description so you can get an insight right away.

1. Frontend Checklist

ā­ GitHub stars 59k+

Dozens of best practices of HTML, CSS, JS, Webfonts, Images, Security, Performance, Accessibility, SEO, and many more you don't want to miss in your next project.

For better UI, there is a website, as well.

2. Design Checklist

ā­ GitHub stars 4k+

Everything you want to check against the Grid system, Colors, Fonts and Text, Links and Navigation, Images and Icons, Forms and Buttons, Responsive Web Design, and Style Guides.

3. Performance Checklist

ā­ GitHub stars 14k+

Valuable checklist on how to increase performance by various HTML, CSS, and JS tips, Image and Font techniques, Server tricks, and use of Performance tools.

4. Launch Checklist

ā­ GitHub stars 400+

A checklist of things to do before releasing your project. You will check your Presentation, Value Proposition, Project Quality, Branding, Onboarding Methods, and Funding models.

5. Marketing Checklist

A comprehensive, chronologically ordered list of marketing tactics and ideas that you can try with your startup. Tips on Competitor / Customer research, Email / Blog / Social media setup, Public Relations strategies, Lists of free and paid promotion channels.

6. Personal Security Checklist

ā­ GitHub stars 7k+

A curated checklist of 300+ tips for protecting digital security and privacy in the modern age of the web. Anything from Authentification, Browsing, Social Media and Emails to Mobile Phones, Secure messaging, and Smart Home.

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