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8 Addictive Games Built Only with HTML, CSS, and JS 🎮✨

8 Addictive Games Built Only with HTML, CSS, and JS 🎮✨

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·Mar 23, 2022·

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Games are among the coolest projects you can create because they are fun and can be addictive for the end-users. In this article I have compiled some of my favorites, so you can get some inspiration for your future creations.

Creative game projects are usually valued higher by recruiters too since they demonstrate your proficiency with HTML for the structure, CSS for the design, and JS for the functionality.

For each project, I will provide a direct link, an interactive preview so you can get an initial impression on the fly as well as the author links, so you can explore more of their work, too.

1. Keyboard Hero

By: evilpaper

2. Menja

By: Caleb Miller

3. AI Chess

By: Jake Albaugh

4. Tilting Maze

By: Hunor Marton Borbely

5. The Cube

Boris Å ehovac

6. Coloron

By: Greg Hovanesyan

7. Valorous Rabbit

By: Karim Maaloul

8. CSS Crossword

By: Adrian Roworth

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